Short Film


Updated Proposal

Through the course of this project, the concept and narrative of my short film has changed and evolved. Some of these changes have been personal preferences and others have been to make sure I can realistically get the film finished to the best of my ability before the deadline.

Last year, something that brought my grade down was the absence of updating and reflecting on my initial proposal and concept. Therefore, for this project, I have rewritten my proposal to fit the current concept of my short film.

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Blog the Week – Proposal – 13/3/17

This week I completed the proposal, time planner and Harvard referencing sheet. Throughout the process of writing the proposal, I discovered many research sources, including films, books and online tutorial based websites, which helped me to think about my idea in more depth. The time planner helped me realise the time restraints I have. During last year’s final major project, I was not great at time management and I left most of my work to the last couple weeks. Whereas this year, I am hoping to begin filming as soon as possible, to leave enough time to correct anything that might not go to plan.

At first I found the Harvard referencing system complicated but after using it on various research sources, I have become accustomed to the format. This will hopefully help me when it comes to referencing sources at University.

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