I find visual and kinaesthetic learning quite helpful and that’s why I like to create storyboards. They help for me to visualise and begin to plan the course of the film I’m about to create. Furthermore, they allow me to start thinking not just about what I want my film to be like but how I’m going to achieve that.


Upon creating this storyboard, I have begun to realistically think about the time and effort necessary that I need to put into this project. I have a rough indication of the direction that my film is headed in and hopefully I can begin now production.


Shot list

  • Blue sky passing by
  • A title appears over the shot of the blue sky
  • A man cycles towards the camera
  • The camera is positioned behind the cyclist as he cycles away
  • The cyclist pulls to a stop, gets off his bike then sits down
  • He gets out his phone
  • He puts in his earphones, the shot lingers on his face and then goes black when he closes his eyes
  • A shot of street lamps
  • A shot of a wait signal
  • A shot of cars passing by
  • A shot of a man that looks identical to the previous man is sitting on a bench talking on the phone (a bike is next to him)
  • He gets up and walks away with his bike still talking on the phone
  • He begins to cross the road
  • He hears a car coming towards him and turns to look at the car before it hits him
  • It cuts to black but the sound continues
  • The previous shot of the main with his eyes closed, opens them
  • He looks down at his phone and deletes a voicemail
  • He gets up and gets back on his bike and rides away
  • He gets to a graveyard, gets off his bike and walks up to a grave
  • He stands above the gravestone and places some flowers next to a photo frame of someone that looks identical to him
  • He says “Hey brother”
  • The End

Location Scouting

There are three locations used in my short film. The first of which, is a small country cycle path situated close by to my house. This location is where I envisioned one of the most vital scenes in my short film to take place. However, there will be some difficulties to using this location. I will need to film on a sunny day but this means there will likely be more people cycling and it will be much harder to film without getting any of the public in the shot.

The second location is next to a rope swing nearby to the first location. This location will be relatively easy to film at as there is a lot of space to put equipment and is slightly out of the way of passing walkers and cyclers.


The final location is a graveyard, which I only require for one scene. I want to plan this scene extensively beforehand so I don’t spend too much time in the graveyard. I will need to be respectful and not disturb anyone nearby.


Writing the script was extremely important to my creative thought process, as it allowed me to further visualise the entire narrative of the short film. Throughout the course of writing, I came across many plot points that could be improved upon. For example, I wanted to have some sort of voiceover in the style of an inner monologue, however I realised it would make a lot more sense to replace it with a scene in which a different character leaves the other one a voice message over the phone.

In addition to this, I decided that one scene would look a lot better if it was filmed in an entirely different location.

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Above I have inserted an unrefined version of my script. Not all dialogue is presented, however there will not be a large amount of dialogue in the short film anyway. I want the narrative to be predominantly told through visuals, as I believe that presents me with more of a challenge.

Blog the Week – Proposal – 13/3/17

This week I completed the proposal, time planner and Harvard referencing sheet. Throughout the process of writing the proposal, I discovered many research sources, including films, books and online tutorial based websites, which helped me to think about my idea in more depth. The time planner helped me realise the time restraints I have. During last year’s final major project, I was not great at time management and I left most of my work to the last couple weeks. Whereas this year, I am hoping to begin filming as soon as possible, to leave enough time to correct anything that might not go to plan.

At first I found the Harvard referencing system complicated but after using it on various research sources, I have become accustomed to the format. This will hopefully help me when it comes to referencing sources at University.

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