Blog The Week – 09/06/17

I have now finished filming the entirety of my short film. The final scene I had to shoot was on consecrated ground, so I had to be quick, quiet and respectful when filming. However, I do not believe this limited me. The quiet surroundings with occasional bird tweets added to the atmosphere of the film. The location itself was unusually colourful for a graveyard and this juxtaposition made for an interesting final scene in my short film.

From here onwards, I need to focus my time into editing. For example, I need to manually colour grade every shot using the ‘lumetri colour’ effect, as shown below in a screenshot of me working on my short film in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 18.49.34.png

One thing I have found quite difficult in editing so far, is keeping the fluidity of the film from being interrupted. To solve this, I have kept referring back to my original storyboard and notes to help me visualise the progression of the film whilst editing it.


Blog The Week – 01/06/17

For the past week and half or so, I have dedicated my time to filming the initial steps of my short film. Initially I went out to film but due to the weather, my shots did not turn out how I expected. I took note of what went wrong during the test shoot and the following day when the weather was better, I reshot the first scene and after editing it, I am very satisfied with the outcome. The colours and fluidity of the shots perfectly match how I visualised them in pre-production.

The second scene did not go well at all. The weather has been so erratic that I have had to remove scene two and adapt the narrative of my idea in order to make sure the lighting in the individual scenes are not too drastically inconsistent. If I could go back and restart the production, I would definitely spend longer filming more and make sure to shoot multiple takes at different times of the day.

Next week I intend to film more and hopefully start to finish up with the production process, before moving onto post production.

Blog The Week – 20/05/17

This week has been solely about planning, preparing and research. At this point I have completed all the planning documents and research necessary in order to begin production. I researched music and its importance in films; and the emotional connection it creates. As well as vehicle/pedestrian collision scenes in films and what message they convey. Through this research, I have made many decisions such as the executive decision to have barely any dialogue in my short film. Instead, I am going to portray the narrative and emotions of the characters through the means of music, sound effects and carefully selected visuals.

Over the next week I intend to begin production so that I have enough time to complete filming and post production and not leave everything to the last minute.

Blog The Week – 08/05/17

This week has been more productive than others. The most important part of the week was writing a rough script, which really helped to visualise my entire short film and how I was going to go about creating it. The second part of the week was devoted to scouting for locations. I ended up choosing three significant locations, one is a cycle path near my house, another is a graveyard and the final location is in the closest city centre.

Not only this, but I purchased a new lens for my camera, which I believe will improve the visual quality of my short film substantially. As soon as it arrives in the post, I will begin to film and edit.

Blog The Week – 29/04/17

The aim of this week was to research filming techniques. I researched the walk by transition, an editing technique that allows you to smoothly transition from one shot to the other, through the use of masking. This allows you to represent the passage of time creatively, instead of using a standard jump cut.

The narrative of my short film is predominantly told through flashbacks, so I thought it would be in my best interest to research the different styles of flashbacks used in film and how they are executed. I watched many examples from different films, such as ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’ and it really helped me imagine how I would like the narrative to progress throughout the timeframe of my short film.

An issue I encountered this week was struggling to find sources for all the information I wanted to acquire. I overcame this through my discovery of video essays, which I watched to learn how to achieve certain filmmaking techniques and styles.

Blog the Week – Final Idea – 17/04/17

This week my aim was to finalise my idea and the style of film I wanted to create. Before now, I only had an idea of what filmmaking techniques I wanted to implement throughout the film.

Initially, I wanted to create a short film in a similar style to Skins, the teenage television drama. However, recently, I was re-watching various short films created by my all time favourite short film creator: Bertie Gilbert. This lead to me deciding that a change in style would not only be easier but most likely produce a more original and fulfilling outcome for me.

The style of short film I would like to make is closer to an indie drama and will focus less on the stereotypical teenage drama lifestyle of parties and drugs I initially intended to cover. Instead, the short film is going to be very sentimental and thought provoking in an attempt to tackle bereavement in a sensitive manner.

Over the course of the final major project, I have thought of numerous ideas, however I have finally thought of an idea I would like to run with.

I would like to produce a short film about a boy cycling to his twin brothers grave and on the way, he experiences flashbacks from before the death of his brother. The context will be very vague until the end of the film, in which everything will be clear to the audience and they will understand what the flashbacks and rest of the film meant.

Despite, previously encountering difficulties in thinking of a clear narrative, I believe I achieved this weeks target of thinking of an idea that I will carry through to the end of this project.


Blog The Week – 20/03/17

This week we were given a target sheet to fill out, in which we listed some daily targets that we would like to achieve. Mine was to continue writing blog posts and practice an edit that I would like to use in my final major project. The edit involves transitioning two clips by masking someone walking in front of the clip you are transitioning.

In my final major project, I plan to use this edit in an interesting way. I intend on having the main character sat on a park bench, then use the walk by transition to bring the camera closer to the main character sat on the bench.