Upon completion of my short film, I now need to brainstorm ways in which I can get my intended audience to view it. The audience I have in mind would be between the ages of 16 and 25, most likely a D and E in social demographics, as due to their young age, they would either still be in education or be working in a semi-skilled profession. In terms of psychographic segmentation, they would be classed under ‘Explorers’ due to their individualism and energy. I believe a younger generation would be more interested in my video, firstly due to the younger age of the characters in the film and secondly due to the genre. My genre is an indie-drama, which is similar to many short films created by filmmakers such as Bertie Gilbert who has nearly 500,000 young subscribers on YouTube. Therefore, I believe there is clearly a big market for indie-drama short films.

Now that I’ve established my target audience, I need to find platforms that I can use to promote my film. The first idea that sprung to mind, was to upload it to Vimeo and from there add it to some existing channels that contain playlists of short films.

You may be wondering why I decided to choose Vimeo as my video sharing platform, rather than YouTube, the most popular platform around. Well, the answer lies within the audiences that tend to use each platform. Vimeo tends to offer a mature community interested in art and short films, that often give constructive feedback. Whereas YouTube’s audience is much broader and offers a larger selection of content, such as beauty tutorials and lifestyle vlogging.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 22.56.05.png

YouTube’s audience reaches to 1 billion users, compared to Vimeo’s much smaller community of 170 million. However, note that within a smaller community, the quality of content is usually distinguishably higher. Therefore, I would much rather my own content be associated and linked with higher quality content, rather than unrelated low quality content that YouTube can sometimes offer. Most likely, due to the difference in audience numbers, statistically I would be more likely to get more views and recognition if I were to upload it on YouTube. Despite this, I still believe Vimeo would be a better option. Even though I may get more views on YouTube, the views I would get on Vimeo would most likely be from my target audience and those are the people that I want to reach.

To further extend the reach of people that will view my video, I have submitted my short film to several different experimental short film Vimeo channels. If accepted, they will be promoted alongside similar videos. The followers of these channels will then be able to view my video and these followers specifically are more likely to be my target audience than someone that casually stumbled upon the video by chance.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 09.32.08.png

In addition to this, my short film will also be shown on loop at my college’s summer arts show. The show allows the public, students and family/friends of students to browse through what the first and second years have created for their final major projects. This is ideal for me, as there is always an opportunity for people to commission you to create something for them. As a filmmaker, people such as business owners or in general anyone interested in the medium of film can give me constructive feedback and possibly offer me work experience.



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