Blog The Week – 09/06/17

I have now finished filming the entirety of my short film. The final scene I had to shoot was on consecrated ground, so I had to be quick, quiet and respectful when filming. However, I do not believe this limited me. The quiet surroundings with occasional bird tweets added to the atmosphere of the film. The location itself was unusually colourful for a graveyard and this juxtaposition made for an interesting final scene in my short film.

From here onwards, I need to focus my time into editing. For example, I need to manually colour grade every shot using the ‘lumetri colour’ effect, as shown below in a screenshot of me working on my short film in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 18.49.34.png

One thing I have found quite difficult in editing so far, is keeping the fluidity of the film from being interrupted. To solve this, I have kept referring back to my original storyboard and notes to help me visualise the progression of the film whilst editing it.


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