Blog The Week – 01/06/17

For the past week and half or so, I have dedicated my time to filming the initial steps of my short film. Initially I went out to film but due to the weather, my shots did not turn out how I expected. I took note of what went wrong during the test shoot and the following day when the weather was better, I reshot the first scene and after editing it, I am very satisfied with the outcome. The colours and fluidity of the shots perfectly match how I visualised them in pre-production.

The second scene did not go well at all. The weather has been so erratic that I have had to remove scene two and adapt the narrative of my idea in order to make sure the lighting in the individual scenes are not too drastically inconsistent. If I could go back and restart the production, I would definitely spend longer filming more and make sure to shoot multiple takes at different times of the day.

Next week I intend to film more and hopefully start to finish up with the production process, before moving onto post production.


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