Shooting Scene Two

Today I filmed the second scene of my short film. Unfortunately, I am unsatisfied with the footage I managed to acquire. Due to the time of day I filmed and the weather, my shots were inconsistent and of poor quality. One problem I encountered was the wind, rendering the audio useless. Although scene two does not strictly need audio, only music, I believe if I add audio in addition to the music, it may create more of an atmospheric scene.18742541_1985138958381434_8005986_o

Another problem I faced was the time of day I decided to film at. Scene one was filmed around midday, but scene two was filmed early evening. I thought as both times I shot were sunny, it wouldn’t affect the consistency all that much after colour grading the footage. It turns out that I was wrong and the lighting was very inconsistent between scene one and scene two.

Luckily there were some positives to this film shoot. For one, I now have a further idea of realistically how my short film is going to progress and ultimately what it will look like when it is finished. I intend on reshooting scene two on a sunny day during the same time of day as scene one. Hopefully the reshoot will be a lot more consistent and a lot better in general than todays shoot.

I have uploaded a clip of scene one and two edited together. Unfortunately there is an absence of audio in some parts and you will notice the inconsistent lighting and shot transitions.


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