Shot list

  • Blue sky passing by
  • A title appears over the shot of the blue sky
  • A man cycles towards the camera
  • The camera is positioned behind the cyclist as he cycles away
  • The cyclist pulls to a stop, gets off his bike then sits down
  • He gets out his phone
  • He puts in his earphones, the shot lingers on his face and then goes black when he closes his eyes
  • A shot of street lamps
  • A shot of a wait signal
  • A shot of cars passing by
  • A shot of a man that looks identical to the previous man is sitting on a bench talking on the phone (a bike is next to him)
  • He gets up and walks away with his bike still talking on the phone
  • He begins to cross the road
  • He hears a car coming towards him and turns to look at the car before it hits him
  • It cuts to black but the sound continues
  • The previous shot of the main with his eyes closed, opens them
  • He looks down at his phone and deletes a voicemail
  • He gets up and gets back on his bike and rides away
  • He gets to a graveyard, gets off his bike and walks up to a grave
  • He stands above the gravestone and places some flowers next to a photo frame of someone that looks identical to him
  • He says “Hey brother”
  • The End

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