Location Scouting

There are three locations used in my short film. The first of which, is a small country cycle path situated close by to my house. This location is where I envisioned one of the most vital scenes in my short film to take place. However, there will be some difficulties to using this location. I will need to film on a sunny day but this means there will likely be more people cycling and it will be much harder to film without getting any of the public in the shot.

The second location is next to a rope swing nearby to the first location. This location will be relatively easy to film at as there is a lot of space to put equipment and is slightly out of the way of passing walkers and cyclers.


The final location is a graveyard, which I only require for one scene. I want to plan this scene extensively beforehand so I don’t spend too much time in the graveyard. I will need to be respectful and not disturb anyone nearby.


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