Walk By Transition

In my short film, I would like to include interesting transitions to show the passage of time in a creative manner. In a previous blog the week post, I screenshotted evidence of practicing a transition known as the walk by transition, which involves masking a clip where someone walks across the screen over another clip. Usually, this effect is used to transition one scene to another, however I’ve used it slightly differently in order to bring the camera closer to the subject that I’m filming without the use of a zoom.

The edit itself went well but it was a struggle trying to avoid continuity errors within the two shots. For example, the wind moved my hair in second shot, which made the shot seem as if it has been mirrored. If I end up using this type of transition in my end production, I will need to be sure to think about the possible continuity errors between the two shots beforehand and try my best to avoid them.

Below I have inserted the tutorial that I used in order to learn how to edit the transition.


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