Blog the Week – Final Idea – 17/04/17

This week my aim was to finalise my idea and the style of film I wanted to create. Before now, I only had an idea of what filmmaking techniques I wanted to implement throughout the film.

Initially, I wanted to create a short film in a similar style to Skins, the teenage television drama. However, recently, I was re-watching various short films created by my all time favourite short film creator: Bertie Gilbert. This lead to me deciding that a change in style would not only be easier but most likely produce a more original and fulfilling outcome for me.

The style of short film I would like to make is closer to an indie drama and will focus less on the stereotypical teenage drama lifestyle of parties and drugs I initially intended to cover. Instead, the short film is going to be very sentimental and thought provoking in an attempt to tackle bereavement in a sensitive manner.

Over the course of the final major project, I have thought of numerous ideas, however I have finally thought of an idea I would like to run with.

I would like to produce a short film about a boy cycling to his twin brothers grave and on the way, he experiences flashbacks from before the death of his brother. The context will be very vague until the end of the film, in which everything will be clear to the audience and they will understand what the flashbacks and rest of the film meant.

Despite, previously encountering difficulties in thinking of a clear narrative, I believe I achieved this weeks target of thinking of an idea that I will carry through to the end of this project.



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