FMP – Initial Ideas

I have still not decided on a thorough narrative for my final major project, however I have decided that I would like for it to be a short film. Short films have always been my favourite medium to convey a message or story through, as I believe it encompasses every aspect of filmmaking and combines them into one project. Recently, I re-watched Skins, a teenage television drama and thought to myself that I would like to create a short film in a similar style.

I listened to a song called ‘…’ by The Symposium and imagined the introduction of my short film. I envisioned a house in the aftermath of a party and every person that attended is on the floor asleep with various mess around them. There are many shots of typical party sights such as a pizza slice on someones face and beer cans on the floor. As the music begins to fade out, the main character (the host of the party) wakes up, sits up and exclaims “Shit”. Other than this scenario, I have not thought of anymore narrative, however I am sure it will eventually come to me.

This short film would involve particular detail to scriptwriting and character profiling, which I have never spent an extensive amount of time on before. In addition to this, I would like to showcase many editing techniques such as frame blending and masking.





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