I chose to tackle the issue of stigma around mental health by creating a short social experiment video, in which I asked various people questions related to mental health. The questions asked were meant to receive reactions that would convey to the audience that mental health is a serious problem, rather than something taboo to be brushed aside.

I believe I adequately highlighted my chosen issue by attempting to manage the social experiment in a sensitive and informative manner. Many of the questions were of a delicate nature and so I asked them in a mature tone, in order to receive a mature response from those that I was interviewing. I made the executive decision to not overly colour grade the shots. I managed to make some of the shots look aesthetically pleasing by drawing out some of the vibrant colours. However, I believe this made the shots look chirpy in a way and since I was tackling a sensitive topic, I didn’t want the shots to oppose the tone of the video. I also decided not to include music. The silence created an uncomfortable tension, which allows the audience to think about the content they are consuming. It matched the tone of the video and didn’t draw any attention away from what the people being interviewed were saying.

The audience I intended on reaching, was an audience roughly between the ages of 30 and 40, with a demographic of  a B or C1. I incorporated a lot of factual information and statistics, so I believe the intentional audience would benefit from watching the social experiment. However, I believe that potentially, if I had interviewed people within the demographics of my intentional audience, then it may have peaked the audiences attention further. On the other hand, interviewing a younger generation may have sparked sympathy within the audience.

If I marketed the video, I would most likely use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook is the biggest social media website available and it would be ridiculous not to take advantage of that opportunity. At the end of the video, I incorporated a made up hashtag, along with the twitter logo. Twitter often has many trending social action hashtags. Therefore, if I managed to get the audience on board with using the hashtag, it would not only help spread further awareness, but also allow me to see the audiences views on the video and the topic at hand.

If I was able to redo the social experiment, I would interview more people and ensure those people were of different ages to get a wider response from my audience. Not only this, but I would also film some cutaway shots and spend more time in post-production. I would’ve potentially liked to use After Effects to create a more interesting way to present text and statistics.


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