Research #2

My initial research involved looking into the topic at hand and researching the facts and figures related to mental health. I have decided I would like to create a social experiment of some kind and in order to do so, I will need to research prior existing social experiments.

The first social experiment involved a man approaching people on the streets and telling them he was having suicidal thoughts. The aim was to find out whether people would positively or negatively react to a stranger opening up to them.

The responses from people were overwhelmingly positive. At first people were slightly taken aback by the sudden honesty of the man but soon assured him that they were there to listen to his problems and some people even offered him uplifting words of wisdom.

Obviously, this social experiment could be staged and during editing they can choose which clips to show and which clips to not show. In my social experiment, I would like for it to be completely honest with real reactions, even if the reactions aren’t entirely what I had in mind.



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