Social Action – Proposal

The subject of my social action project is going to be based around mental health, mainly the stigma around it. The way in which I will convey this, I am not yet entirely sure on. I have thought about creating a short film or advertisement, hopefully assisting to increase awareness of mental health. I plan on it being roughly between 2-5 minutes. I created a short film last year for my FMP, therefore it might be a good idea to try and tackle a different style. However, I do really enjoy making short films and would definitely like to improve the skills involved with making one.

I’m fond of the idea of mental health disorders being physically manifested in creative projects. There was a video released by the World Health Organisation, in which depression was physically manifested as a big black dog. A lot of people have stigma around mental health disorders, mainly because it is intangible and older generations grew up in a world where mental health was not widely recognised as anything of importance. A creative physical manifestation gives the disorders some substance and helps people to understand them.

My primary sources of research will come from the internet. The first source is: “I had a black dog, his name was depression” which I have previously explained. The second is research into a man with anxiety, who illustrated many different mental health disorders as monsters. I am hoping to produce a video loosely based upon this idea. I cannot animate and my sfx skills are limited, so I will have to think over how to present this idea.

I have two potential ideas from this research. One being a short film/advert in which someone draws a monster of depression and then someone else doesn’t believe the monster is real but then eventually experiences it himself. The second is like a social experiment, where I will ask people about what they think of depression and then ask them to draw what they think it would look like as a monster.

Throughout the process of this project, I could experience multiple problems. The biggest problem would centre around having a change of ideas or having a creative block. I could overcome this by watching similar content or brainstorming ideas. Other problems could include technical difficulties. For example, equipment failure. I can overcome this by making sure that I film long before the due date, to leave time for corrections.

Now until the end of the year – Finalising idea
January first week – Research
Second week – Research/Experimental footage
Third week – Begin filming
Fourth week – Begin editing
February first week – Finish project

Here’s a small collection of images relevant to my project, in the form of a mood board.




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