Personal Statement

Personal Statement

In 2009, as an 11 year old, I received a £30 Camcorder. This ignited my own love for filming and editing; and it quickly led to my first project, in which I created a documentary about the formation of a river. Since then, I have taken on any opportunity to be involved with filmmaking, including filming numerous sports days, a wedding video and a documentary for an arts centre. One of my projects was a Red Nose Day promotional charity video for a company called Schneider Electric. I recently produced a paid advertisement for the same company, which has allowed me to develop my ideas and creative approaches much further for a real client. I have found the whole process of the project enjoyable and rewarding.

I started a Media Studies GCSE a year earlier than most, and did this for three years, rather than two. Upon completion, I decided film and media was the way forward for me and I enrolled at Plymouth College of Art to complete a UAL level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production. I thoroughly enjoyed both these courses and strongly believe I will enjoy taking my interests to the next level by attending university. Although, I have other hobbies, including skateboarding and attending live music events. My main hobby has always been creating regular quirky videos for my YouTube channel (, videos that have served as a documented filmic diary. They have always been a way of expressing my creativity and building my confidence. To fund my hobbies and the camera equipment I use, I have been working as a Waiter in a restaurant for nearly two years.

I have an idiosyncratic and caring personality, which in practical terms helps me to be imaginative and easily able to work with anyone around me. In addition to this, I have a diverse range of technical skills. I have experience operating cameras such as the Canon 70D and Canon XF100. I’ve also used microphones such as the Rode Videomic Pro and the Sennheiser ME67. I can accustom myself to using any equipment, as well as video editing softwares. Throughout the years, I have taught myself to use a range of post production software. Recently, to broaden my skills, I have been teaching myself how to efficiently use Adobe After Effects. Through my studies I have also practiced my ability to negotiate, work as a team, take the lead, and no matter what obstacles I face to find positive ways of moving forwards.

From the course, I would hope to gain further knowledge of the film industry, how it works and how to successfully enter into it in search for a successful career. By fully engaging in projects at university, my theoretical and practical skills will hopefully be at a professional level when I graduate and begin looking for further opportunities outside of education. I’m a diligent individual that takes pride in my work and I’m keen to support others in group projects.

I believe university will nurture my interests and enable me to learn more about my field of study and the industry I would like to work in. In particular, I would like to study film production. I have been interested in watching, analysing and creating films within and outside of education for many years now. Expressing my creativity through directing and understanding the way in which films are made and presented to an audience, before, during and after production. My older brother was studying Media at university whilst I was growing up. He created a documentary about Parkour, which to this day, I still watch and it inspires me to create my own content. He and many other people in my family gained degrees in their respective fields and had a positive experience, which I would now like to experience myself.


I was surprised at the amount of work I had to put into my personal statement in order for it to be up to standard enough to be submitted to UCAS. The hardest part was the initial sentence and paragraph. For a long time I couldn’t decide on what to put, however it was suggested to me that I make one of my later paragraphs as my first one. I believe that my personal statement contains a distinctive balance in showcasing my personality, interests, educational background and skills in the field of study I want to pursue. My only worry is that I haven’t done anything to prove my skill level, for example having an award in filmmaking.

So far, I have gained an unconditional offer and two interviews, which I am very happy about.



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