Design Your Future

Recently, I’ve been very unsure of my future. First of all, I would like to hopefully finish college with a distinction grade. Upon completion of college, I am set on going to university, however I am undecided on which university to attend.

I applied for Ravensbourne, Bath Spa, Southampton Solent, Gloucestershire and South Wales. I think I chose a good range of universities from a range of locations. Ravensbourne is a reputable university in a place that has good media links. The University of South Wales also has some very big media links. Southampton Solent seemed like a very pleasant university, it offered a lot of student support and opportunities. Bath Spa was in a lovely place and the course seemed very intimate. Gloucestershire was more of a filler but it seems like a fairly decent university.

I hope to study film production, which I am very interested in. Furthermore, I would like to have a practical career in the film industry. I have looked into the different roles involved within my field of study and there are numerous options I can choose from. I enjoy directing, camera work and editing (in particular, colour grading, which I find very therapeutic).

In order to allow this all to happen, I will need to stay focused and work hard at college. One of my new years resolutions is to film more of my life and go out on film shoots, even when it is unrelated to college work. This should hopefully help to constantly improve my skills in filming and the videos I take could potentially be used as stock footage in future projects.

In addition to this, I will need to attend university interviews and think about which university I would like to attend in the near future. I have involved myself with extra curricular projects and have even completed paid freelance work for companies. Which if I continue to do, should help me not only get into the university of my choice but also to eventually gain a job in the film industry.

I try to present my written work in an organised and articulate fashion; and my practical work in an imaginative way. I often lose confidence with my practical work and end up not finishing projects because I’m not proud of the work I’ve created. However, throughout the upcoming months, I’m going to film more often and keep on top of both written and practical work. This will ensure that by the time I leave college, I will come out with work good enough to showcase and be proud of.



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