Social Action

Today we discussed social action and people who have done something in order to change negative aspects of our society, whilst introducing new ideas towards bettering our future.

Our first task was to make a campaign poster about someone famous that has been involved with social action. The person I was given was Mo Farah, an olympic medalist that promotes healthy living.


We were asked to make a short video within the space of an hour about something we are passionate about. Instantly, mental health came to mind. We didn’t have any cameras so we were limited to phones. Once we had found a suitable place, we decided it would be a good idea to use the webcams on our MacBooks to interview each other about mental health. However, we had to leave the room we found to make way for another course and couldn’t find a quiet empty space anywhere else. With little time left, we decided to scrap the idea about mental health and go with something quick and simple to make.

Upon playing with the effects in photoshop, which we were using to film our video, we discovered a fish green screen effect. This gave us the idea to make a short video on the rights of fish.

I hope that later on in the ‘Social Action’ topic, we can make a serious and well thought out video about mental health.


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