Blog The Week 19/11/16

Over the past two weeks, we have watched two films, the first was 12 years a slave, which I enjoyed. I wasn’t too fond of the graphic violence at times, but I felt that it was necessary to the film. This lead us onto the topic of social action, in which we studied people that have made a social change. From this, we made a social activist video, mine was a simple one on fish, after we experienced many difficulties attempting to make a different video.

We also watched Attack the Block, which I’ve seen before but still really enjoyed watching again and analysing it as a course. I wrote a review discussing the key points we analysed as a course and tried to go into further detail.

After this, we researched extreme close ups and long shots. We looked into the differences and similarities of the works of two major directors: Quentin Tarantino and David Fincher and how they used the two different types of extreme shots. To accompany this research, we produced a short video made up of extreme close ups and long shots, in the style of Tarantino and Fincher.

Then we finished off the week by writing more of our personal statements and researching into what universities we’d like to attend.


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