Evaluation – Design To Sell Project

The target audience for my design to sell project was people within the ages of 15-21, generally a D/E in demographics and a struggler in psychographics due to their obscure taste in films.

I believe the work we created as a group, communicates effectively with our target audience in some aspects. For example, the odd narrative of the short film ¬†entices the ‘strugglers’ to watch the film, because of their interest in obscure films.

Has the project gone well? In my mind, no. I am not happy with what we produced as I feel that it was rushed and not thoroughly planned. Despite, my annoyance as to how badly the project went, I am glad that I got to experiment with certain aspects of filmmaking that I have not dabbled with before, such as sound design.

I have learned that you need to thoroughly plan a shoot before going out and filming it. In the future, I will definitely plan film shoots in extensive detail and make sure everyone is aware of the plan of action before filming individual scenes. This will hopefully have a positive impact on future projects, ensuring that the narrative is well established and each shot appears as if it has been planned in advance.


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