Don’t Starve – Budgeting for Uni

In preparation for University, we completed a task, in which we found out the available money we would have to spend on food and toiletries. My tuition fee will be £9,250
and my maintenance fee will be £7,308. This would mean that I would average at about £140-£150 a week. This sounds like a lot but when you start looking at the prices of food, drink and toiletries, you start to realise how much you’ll need to budget.

Of course, there are clever ways of budgeting, such as buying in bulk which can save a lot of money in the long run. Another example, is buying double concentrate squash which lasts a long time and saves money on buying more expensive drinks that are gone in a couple days.

I’d like to try and limit myself to buying as little as possible, so I can save the money for the following month. This task has really been an eye opener to how difficult it will be to budget my money when shopping for food, whilst still trying to have a balanced diet.


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