Group Crits – Trailer

The completion of our trailers called for another group crit, in order to evaluate and learn from our mistakes and successes. However, this group crit was a little different. Instead of mixing with other people within our course, we got to mingle with students on the Photography course.

It was very interesting to get the opinion of photography students, as we both use cameras and study similar formal elements. I also got to look at some of their work and was thoroughly impressed. I’m not an avid photographer but as I own a DSLR which is capable of quality video footage and photos, I would redeem it wasteful if I didn’t take the opportunity to take photos every now and then.

They watched our trailer and had a look at our poster, both of which they claimed to like. Particularly the poster, which I was surprised at, considering it was my first real photoshop attempt. The students told us that they liked the trailer because it was suspenseful, had a good choice of location and music, and  wanted to see more. This lead for them to give their only negative feedback, which was that it was too short. We knew it was too short already but we decided to make it shorter but better quality, rather than longer but worse quality.


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