Group Crits – Short Film

Upon finishing our short film, we had a group crit session, where we evaluated each others work. Our short film received kudos and constructive criticism in all the places I would have thought it would have.

The first positive attribute that our peers picked out was the appropriate choice of location to film in. Many people filmed in or around college, which can work given the right narrative, however our narrative was in need for a carefully selected location to emphasise the tone of the film.

Another positive attribute was the choice of music and sound. I layered sound effects to create a natural atmosphere and chose a piece of royalty free music that created tension. I was hoping this would be picked up on, as this was something I focused most of my attention towards when making the trailer.

Some constructive criticism included the lack of a detailed narrative, which I entirely agree with. We did not spend a great deal of time thoroughly planning the shoot and so when it came to it, our film was a bit all over the place filled with continuity errors and a vague narrative. Next project, I’ll aim to plan filming in more detail, perhaps by making a list of shots.

Another piece of constructive criticism we received, was that there was no climactic point. I also agree with this, which again boils down to a lack of planning. Throughout the film, the tension was constantly there but never grew or culminated into a climactic point. However, this is certainly something that we be possible to create once we make our trailers.



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