Blog The Week -14/10/98

As well as our design to sell project, we have occasionally explored our future plans. I would like to go onto university and have been looking at and visiting them recently. This week we did a little research into financing whilst at university by calculating our monthly allowance and then working out what we could buy week by week to eat. It was surprisingly difficult to think of cheap meals that you could cook easily, whilst trying to incorporate the main food groups.

Upon finishing our short films, we shared them with other people on our course and received some praise and constructive criticism. It was also interesting to see how other people had gone about achieving the focus of this project.

After this, we were set the task of producing a trailer from the already existing footage we filmed or entirely new footage. As we had very little time to create this, we decided to create a teaser trailer, collectively editing some shots we used in the short film. I believe this turned out a lot better than the short film because we were able to use only the best of shots. Whereas, in the short film, we were having to add in shots that weren’t necessarily great (for example some were out of focus and/or very unstable) just to extend the short film.



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