Short Horror Film – Design To Sell

Upon the completion of filming, I thought it best to begin editing straight away to allow myself any time for mishaps to be corrected. Unfortunately, a lot of the footage we took wasn’t great and I ended up not using much of it. Despite this, I gave editing it my best shot.

I believe we didn’t plan our project through thoroughly enough and therefore our film lacked continuity and consistency with shots. However, I did manage to get a few collective shots that seemed fluent when edited together.


One thing that I had never really attempted before, was using royalty free sound effects in a video to create atmosphere. Some sound effects made it seem very unnatural and completely created the wrong tone but I did manage to find some sound effects that felt natural and as if they were actually being recorded at the same time as the footage. I layered up the first five or so shots with fire crackling and nature sound effects to create ambience whilst also adding an eerie piece of royalty free music to create tension.



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