Blog The Week 07/10/98

The majority of this week was taken up with filming and editing the short film for the design to sell project. Filming didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to, due to minimal prior planning and filming in inconvenient circumstances. To suit the tone of our film, we shot in the dark. The problem with this though, was that we could barely see what we were doing. We had to use the flash from three phones and a torch just to enable us to see what we were filming.

However, we managed to put this behind us and attempt to edit the film as best as we could. I’m definitely not proud of the end product but I’m thinking of it as a learning curve. I also got to experiment with layering sound effects to create an atmosphere suitable to the tone of the film, which I enjoyed.

As well as this, I researched into title sequences, something which was very interesting to look further into. I compared formal elements, similarities and differences in two title sequences from two different films. I hope to put this research into practice soon and create my own title sequence.



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