Design To Sell – Planning

Upon researching the ‘Lights Out’ film, my group decided that it would be interesting to create a horror film for the ‘Design To Sell’ project. One member of the group had a horror themed pig mask and wanted to put it to use, so we thought about the idea of a pig-human hybrid hunting down a human.

First of all, we had to scout for locations. The right location can emphasise the genre and feeling of a film. For example, a horror film is made more believable and interesting with a dark eerie location such as the woods, an orphanage etc. We had no access to any abandoned or especially scary locations nearby, however I live down the road from a small stretch of woods, which we have decided to use as the location for our horror film.


Beyond those trees is the location we intend on filming at. At night, it’s unused and not in any range of residents for our filming to be of inconvenience to anyone.

Now that we have a vague idea and a location for our film, we need to finalise our idea in more detail. As a horror film, the premise of the film won’t require a lot of detail, but having a more defined idea helps to visualise what shots you’ll require.

I created a storyboard, which I have always found helps me to develop an idea, especially in terms of realistically filming an idea.



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