Movie Poster

For the design to sell project, we need to make a movie poster, a short film and a trailer in order to have a better understanding of the marketing aspect of filmmaking. At the moment we are set with the task of creating a movie poster, however before I make a poster, I am going to research into the composition and qualities of movie posters.

Movie posters can be composed in different ways, through the basis of geometric forms, letters, symbols and using the rule of thirds.


In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, the composition follows the ‘Z’ format. The western world reads from left to right, which is no exception to movie posters. In this poster, our eyes usually read the title at the top from left to right, before sweeping across the main item of the poster towards the bottom left and then reading that line of text. This format easily directs our attention to the key bits of information whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.

The film combines multiple genres. It’s underlying genre is a romantic comedy, however this has unusually but cleverly been infused with action/fantasy genres. In my opinion, this is one of many reasons why this is an excellent film

The protagonist in the film is a bassist in a band, which plays a relatively big part within the movie, therefore the movie poster has been in a way, based on a concert poster. Apart from the line ‘An epic of epic epicness’ line at the bottom of the poster conveying the comedy genre of the film, I believe the context of the poster does not convey the true genres of the film as well as some of the other posters have. However, the composition, colour and text do the poster justice.

The colour of the poster (red) resonates well with both the romance and action genres of the film. It also contrasts well to the black and yellow text, which enables the audience to not only read the information more clearly but to also help catch the eye of the audience.

The main body of text at the top of the poster seems to have an electricity/comic feel. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was originally a series of long comic books written by Bryan Lee O’Malley and so the film itself is directed in comic book style, with the sound effects written on screen in a comic based font etc. which links in with why the font of the poster appears comic like. Whilst, the electrical feel links in with the sound of the bass coming from an electrical amp.


In my poster, I followed the same principle of the ‘Z’ format, with the main image in between two sets of text on top and below. I tried to choose colours that matched the horror genre of the short film, such as red which connotes blood and the cream which next to the red symbolises the colour scheme of a pig. I chose for the font to be black so that it stood out more and because the colour black tends to also be associated with horror films.

Making a movie poster proved to be more difficult than I initially thought. I had no prior practice with Adobe Photoshop and so whilst creating the poster, I was still learning a lot of the basics. Upon completing the poster, I now have a much more thorough skill in using photoshop and hope to be able to put it to good use in later projects.


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