Blog The Week 23/09/10

(I’ve not made any posts this week but I’ve gone over my previous posts, editing them to include more detail.)

This week we began a mini project involving three sessions over a three week period. The project involves us creating a short video conveying emotion. We are planning on doing this through filming the facial expressions of ourselves and the public in front of a camera. It proved difficult to make this emotion seem genuine and so we tried methods of pulling a genuine emotion out of that person, by making them laugh or smile through the means of a joke or compliment.

In addition to this mini project, we began looking more into the design to sell project. We have to create a poster, movie and trailer in order to learn what it means to culture a project into something that you can make a profit from. As a course, we are not entirely sure how we are going to profit from making these films in a fair manner. Currently, the most favoured idea is to have one single tip jar for anyone that visits the exhibition to contribute to if they so wish to.

Half way through the week, we had a workshop on the basics of the software Adobe Photoshop. I’ve had Photoshop for a long time but have never really got to grips with using it but after an hour long workshop, I’m feeling a lot more confident with using it. With this new found knowledge, I created the movie poster for the design to sell project, which I added in a previous post exploring movie posters.


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