Blog The Week – 16/09/16

I’m glad to be back at college and creating again. We began the week by being introduced to the new building, as well as creating our WordPress accounts. At first WordPress was a little difficult to navigate my way around but now that I’ve become accustomed to using it, I can see that it is a lot more suited to showcase our work in a professional manner.

We were briefed on the new equipment that the college had invested in, such as many Canon 60D’s and new Macbook Pro’s. We tested out this new equipment by filming and editing a short music video inspired by More Soon’s video composed of multiple pieces of stock footage.

In small groups, we each produced a couple pieces of stock footage lasting 10 seconds each. We shared the footage and individually edited it into a sequence to add to the track ‘Obsess’ by Kap Bambino.

In my opinion, this week has been very much about learning and thinking about different ways that you can profit from filmmaking. Not only did we look into Stock Footage, we also looked into Video On Demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both of these are unconventional methods of profiting from filmmaking, which many people overlook.



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