What happened?!

I was not satisfied with the outcome of last years FMP, however I was proud that I learned as much I did throughout the course of producing it. If I could improve the practical aspect of the FMP, I would re-record the narrative audio and attempt to lengthen the video whilst keeping it high quality. I would rather spend a lot more time improving my blog work though, as that was what brought my grade down a notch. I would’ve spent a lot more time planning and trying to go further into detail with every post, in particular my evaluation and proposal work.

If I was Marty McFly, I would go back in time and tell myself to not be afraid of team work. On any film production, there will be numerous amounts of people taking on various roles, for example: directors, actors, sound designers etc. If I had gotten more people involved with my FMP, then it may have taken a lot of stress off my back, as well as increasing the quality of the production. Similarly, with blog work, I never asked my lecturers to check over the work and give me criticism. If I had done this, it could’ve given me the boost I needed to get the top grade.

I will approach this years FMP differently by beginning to plan for it in advance. If I begin thinking about it now, I may have an idea that I can act upon when the project starts.  I will  also work throughout the course of the project and not just the final few weeks, scrambling to get everything done. In addition to this, involving multiple people in my project and seeking constructive criticism, may be a way to improve the quality of my work this year.


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